What is the structure and working principle of stainless steel pressure tank?


Stainless steel pressure tankWhat is its structure and working principle?

The pressure tank is actually very simple, there is a shell, there is an inflatable rubber ball, the water purifier produced by the purified water into the pressure tank, extrusion expansion, pressure, the faucet opened, the water was squeezed out of the pressure, then the stainless steel pressure tank structure and working principle is what?

Stainless steel pressure tankWhat is its structure and working principle?

1.The structure and working principle of the pressure tank The pressure tank is mainly composed of a valve cover, an inflatable port, an air bag, a carbon steel tank and a flange。When it is connected to the water system, it mainly acts as an accumulator。When the system water pressure is greater than the nitrogen pressure between the carbon steel airbags of the expansion tank, the system water will be squeezed into the airbags of the expansion tank under the action of the system pressure, thus compressing the nitrogen between the airbags, reducing the volume and increasing the pressure。It will increase the overall water capacity of the system, reduce the system pressure, and stop the water intake until the system water pressure reaches a new balance between the nitrogen pressure of the tank and the air bag。

2.When the system water pressure is less than the gas pressure in the expansion tank, the water in the airbag will be squeezed out by the pressure of nitrogen between the tank and the airbag, thus compensating the system。The system water volume will decrease and the pressure will rise, while the nitrogen volume between the tank and the air bag will increase and the pressure will drop until a new equilibrium is reached and the water will stop being squeezed from the air bag back into the system。The pressure tank will play a role in regulating the pressure fluctuation of the system。

3.Because of the regulating effect of the air bag, the pressure tank is widely used to control the pressure fluctuation in the small range of the water system。Pressure tanks are used in hot water heating systems, mainly to eliminate pressure fluctuations caused by changes in water temperature and avoid damage to other system control elements。If applied to variable frequency water supply, it can eliminate the pressure fluctuation caused by the start and stop of the pump, reduce the start times of the variable frequency pump, and greatly extend the service life of the pump。If applied to civil building water supply or other water supply equipment, it can eliminate the water hammer effect caused by the opening and closing of other valves, and protect the entire system from water hammer impact。

Stainless steel pressure tankWhat are the types of?

Type: Air supply and diaphragm type。

1.The air in the pressure tank is in direct contact with the water。After some time, the air is reduced due to leakage and dissolution in the water, gradually reducing the amount of regulated water。The start-up of the pump is becoming more and more complex and requires regular replenishment of air。Air supply mode air compressor, water spraying, timed exhaust, etc。

2.Diaphragm pressure tanks separate the gas from the water。The water is in a rubber (plastic) bag and the gap between the outside and the tank is pre-filled with an inert gas, usually nitrogen。This pressure tank has no loss of air solubility and water, can be inflated once, long-term use, no need to install air compressor。Therefore, the investment is saved, the system is simplified, and the application range is expanded。

Stainless steel pressure tank